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Conferences & Meetings

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Annual Dialysis Conference (ADC)

The Annual Dialysis Conference (ADC) stands as a prominent dialysis event, conducted annually, usually in March, at diverse locations across the nation. ADC provides a specialized pediatric track, including a distinct pediatric renal tract within the broader pediatric focus, featuring dedicated breakout sessions tailored for dietitians and networking lunches. This 2 ½-day event centers on advancing dialysis care with a focus on cutting-edge practices, with an optional supplementary fundamentals course available.


Pediatric Renal Nutrition Academy (PRNA)

PRNA, a skills-based training program, is typically conducted biannually. This comprehensive course, spanning one to three days, offers hands-on training for pediatric renal dietitians, encompassing crucial areas and topics integral to pediatric renal nutrition. The program accommodates clinicians at varying experience levels, providing an introductory track for those new to the field or seeking a skill review, and an intermediate-advanced level for more seasoned practitioners aiming to elevate their expertise.

Details about upcoming PRNA events are routinely disseminated on the pediatric renal nutrition listserv.


American Society of Pediatric Nephrology (ASPN) Affiliate Meeting

The ASPN Affiliate Meeting is a comprehensive 1 ¼ day event specifically dedicated to non-dialysis pediatric renal care. This includes topics related to CKD pre-dialysis, various pediatric kidney conditions, and kidney transplant. Tailored for a diverse range of clinicians, such as nurses, dietitians, social workers, psychologists, and child life specialists, the event provides targeted breakout sessions designed specifically for dietitians. Traditionally held annually in October, the meeting takes place at various locations.


Western Society of Pediatric Nephrology (WSPN)

The Western Society of Pediatric Nephrology (WSPN) group primarily caters to clinicians in pediatric nephrology practice in the western region of North America. However, their annual 1 ¼ day educational event is open to clinicians from other areas. Traditionally a physician-focused meeting, the event periodically shifts its focus to include outreach to multi-disciplinary practitioners, incorporating nutrition-specific sessions. The WSPN meeting consistently emphasizes non-dialysis care. Periodic updates about the inclusivity of multidisciplinary practitioners in the event are shared on the pediatric renal nutrition listserv. The meeting is hosted in various locations in the western part of North America.


National Kidney Foundation (NKF) Spring Clinical Meetings

The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) Spring Clinical Meetings stand as a substantial 4-5 day gathering accessible to all renal practitioners. It encompasses a dedicated pediatric-focused track, along with a half-day pre-conference event specifically centered around pediatric renal nutrition. The conference provides leading-edge insights into nephrology nutrition care. Held annually in various locations across the United States, this event is traditionally scheduled in the spring.


Annual Transplant Nutrition Conference

The North American Transplant Coordinators Organization (NATCO) Annual Transplant Nutrition Conference is a comprehensive 2-day workshop meticulously designed to address transplant nutrition care. Tailored to cater to both entry-level and advanced practice dietitians, the conference offers essential content crucial for maintaining transplant nutrition competency. Held in various locations, the event is typically scheduled in late summer or early fall, providing a significant platform for professional development in this specialized field.

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