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Our Mission

The mission of Pediatric Renal Dietitians of North America (PRONA) is to stand as the foremost authority on pediatric renal nutrition expertise. Our overarching objective is to enhance patient outcomes while fostering a sense of community and facilitating networking opportunities among pediatric renal dietitians.

Our Goals

  • Enhance the nutritional care for pediatric renal patients across North America while fostering international collaboration.

  • Elevate the role of the pediatric renal dietitian as the foremost expert in nutrition care for individuals with kidney disease or other renal conditions, spanning from infancy through young adulthood or until transitioned to adult-focused care.

  • Establish a platform dedicated to empowering clinicians through comprehensive education, professional advancement, and strategic networking within the field of pediatric renal care.

  • Generate and disseminate resources aimed at facilitating optimal care for children with kidney disease or related conditions.

  • Facilitate collaboration with multidisciplinary professionals involved in supporting and providing care for children with kidney disease or other renal conditions.

Through these efforts, we hope to contribute to the collective goal of improving the well-being and outcomes of pediatric renal patients.

Our Committees



Our History

In 2018, Christina Nelms initiated contact with fellow pediatric renal dietitians through the pedsrenalrd listserv to explore the possibility of establishing a professional practice group. Drawing from her early career experiences, Christina recognized the potential for enhanced professional collaboration, given the limited resources and networking opportunities available to pediatric renal dietitians compared to their adult-focused counterparts.


While existing platforms like the pediatric renal nutrition listserv provided valuable connections and learning opportunities, Christina identified a need for more hands-on networking, fostering professional friendships, and facilitating in-depth discussions. Recognizing the success of the UK's Pediatric Renal Interest Nutrition Group (PRING), she approached Vitaflo North America for sponsorship, and they generously provided the initial technology and meeting setup.

PRONA swiftly gained momentum, with a dedicated group of initial members forming an informal board, including Marisa Juarez, Mary Ann McMaster, Rayna Levitt, and Christine Benedetti. The decision to become a legal nonprofit organization followed, and these individuals were elected as the inaugural PRONA Board of Directors.

To enhance connectivity, communication, and networking, the group established a website and formed committees aligned with member talents and interests. These committees—clinician resources, patient resources, research and data sharing, guideline development, public policy, and promotion and networking—were designed to connect members in smaller groups and create resources beneficial to the entire group. The understanding was that committees would be "dormant" if leadership was unavailable, pending expressions of interest.

PRONA also established a sister organization relationship with the UK's PRING, further expanding networking opportunities. Although virtual meetings predominated due to the geographic spread of members across North America, in-person gatherings at professional meetings were organized to deepen networking connections.


Since its inception, PRONA has collaborated to develop various professional resources, including a pocket guide, clinical pathway guidelines, growth chart resources, a mentorship program, and annual member awards, such as an educational stipend and pediatric renal dietitian of the year. These collective efforts aim to advance pediatric renal dietitians' knowledge and provide optimal patient care across North America, supporting both seasoned professionals and newcomers in the field.


Explore our comprehensive collection of complimentary and valuable resources accessible to dietitians, healthcare professionals, and the public.

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