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Explore the available conferences and meetings tailored for professionals in pediatric renal nutrition.

Working from Home

Discover the opportunity to join dietitians from across North America in a collaborative learning listserv format.

Doctor's Appointment

Are you in search of a proficient pediatric renal dietitian? Discover a skilled expert through the CKD Dietitian Directory. If you're a renal dietitian, avail the opportunity to showcase your small business at no cost.

Stock Market

Seeking a more efficient method for calculating intricate renal formula recipes? Learn how to access an up-to-date formula calculator for your convenience.

Healthy Fruit Yogurt

Discover the art of preparing nourishing and flavorful dishes tailored to support renal health. Join us in our effort to create a culinary guide for children with kidney disease.


Gain access to the comprehensive meeting minutes for all our quarterly member meetings.


Explore our most recent PRONA newsletter encompassing all current updates, and peruse our newsletter archive for a comprehensive collection of past editions.

Contract Signature

Access our repository containing our annual goals, formation documents, and operational handbook for comprehensive reference.

Protest Signs

Stay informed about kidney disease advocacy initiatives. Explore PRONA's recommendations on proactive steps you can take to make a meaningful impact today!

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National Nutrition Month® is an established annual initiative inaugurated in 1973 by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Throughout the month of March, we extend an invitation to all to delve into the exploration of informed food choices and the cultivation of healthful eating and physical activity habits. For detailed insights into the 2024 campaign, kindly explore the provided links.

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Vitaflo in Association with You (VIA) delivers webinars offering hands-on training and specialized education tailored specifically for pediatric renal dietitians.

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